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About Us

We manufacture rigid paper set up boxes. A high-quality lidded box that comes preassembled and is non-collapsible.


Using a set-up box enhances the perceived quality and value of your company and products. They have a high degree of durability and re-usability, extending the length of time your name is seen by the customer. You can make a set-up box your trademark with the many distinctive specialty wraps and options available.

Our Products

  • Gift Boxes
    • Custom Foam Inserts
    • Acrylux Inserts
  • Healthcare
    • Orthodontic
    • Dental Kit Boxes
    • Eyeglasses Boxes
  • Confectionary
    • FDA Approved
    • Food Grade Foil Board
    • Chocolate Boxes
    • Fudge Boxes
    • Taffy Boxes
    • Acetate Lids
    • Vacuum Formed Trays
    • Partitions
  • Stationary Boxes
    • Letterhead
    • Envelope
    • Business Cards
    • Greeting/Note Cards
  • Pharmaceutical
    • Hot Stamped Inside
    • Die Cut Drain/Air Holes
    • Partitions
    • Slotted Inserts
    • Cryogenic Tested
  • Jewelry Boxes
    • Cotton Inserts
    • Acrylux Inserts
  • Corrugated Box
    • We are suppliers of Maryland-approved asphalt boxes, crab boxes, and other custom corrugated cartons


Not only do we specialize in custom rigid set-up boxes, but we also offer additional services such as Custom Printing, Custom Hot Stamping, Foil Stamping, Die Cutting, Thumbholes or V-Notch Cuts, Hand Assembly, Packaging Design, and more!


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