Custom Printing

We have close working relationships with our printing partners to provide customers with printed designed and branded labels and wraps that the Shore Paper Box team will apply to boxes as part of the manufacturing process. Customers supply the artwork within the necessary dimensions when placing their order and we take care of the rest.


Custom Hot / Foil Stamping

Add eye-catching elements and an illusion of depth to your boxes with hot foil stamping.  Hot foil stamping provides a higher value and quality brand perception. Shore Paper Box can hot stamp any color foil or flat color based on the customer’s artwork.


Die Cutting

Do you have a uniquely shaped package or logo? Die-cutting may be the solution for your packaging needs. A die is a shaped blade that is custom-made for the items it is creating. Our team can die-cut different types of board to punch out custom designs for labels and other packaging inserts.


Thumbholes or V-Notch Cuts

Remember the last time you tried to pull a lid off a box and it fit so tightly, you struggled to separate it? Adding thumb holes or v-notch cuts is a small feature you can add to your box that shows you care about the functionality of the package as much as you do about the contents inside. Shore Paper Box offers this practical option to customers to meet their custom specifications.


Hand Assembly

If the dimensions of your box do not meet the requirements for it to be run on an automatic machine, the Shore Paper Box team is available to provide hand assembly of your full order of boxes. We glue the inner box to ensure the strength and security of each box.


Packaging Design

Shore Paper Box can assist you in all areas of design to help provide a custom box that is cost effective and provides the statement you want to make about your product. We will work with you on the placement of your branding and recommend sizing options that best suit your products packaging needs.


Partitions & Inserts

If you are looking to divide products into individual sections in your packaging, or protect fragile contents, custom partitions and foam or slotted inserts may be required. Shore Paper Box offers custom solutions during the manufacturing process to create durable solutions for your boxing needs.


Fulfillment and Distribution

We do more than just create custom designed paper boxes for your products. We will assemble, fill and ship the boxes from our plant to your distribution center. Our fulfillment services allow you to focus on running your business without having to worry about the added cost of labor and space for fulfillment.